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boredom begun

I’ve been unemployed for three months now, and I’m sad to say, I believe the boredom has begun to set in. Today I managed to do one load of laundry, 40 minutes of cardio and read for about four hours.

As a preventative measure leading up to this I made lists of things to do and ideas of how to pass my time. Unfortunately, my list has dwindled and I’m idling away my time reading classic literature and watching six hours of Roseanne in a sitting. While this isn’t a bad way to pass time–in my opinion–I’m afraid that once employed I’ll look back and regret not visiting museums, doing more work on the house, sewing or learning more about the field of marketing.

Today I’m simply resolved to finish Little Women and shower on a daily basis. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll pursue my sewing patterns and vacuuming the basement.



social services

Since I am now claiming unemployment I was required to visit the Schenectady One Stop building last week. It sits next to the highway and houses the Department of Social Services.

Upon entering I was required to walk through a metal detector and then my purse thoroughly rummaged through for a good 30 seconds. I passed into the main room where I encountered an eclectic group of people. Food stamps, child support, unemployment were all well represented.

It was incredible to say the least. I was easily the most educated person in the room and reflecting on this I realize how awful that is. One woman announced that she needs to make at least $350 a week at which I balked.

Once the class started I was informed of the variety of services our great NYS Department of Labor offers. The presenter went to each of us individually to review our circumstances and I was quickly told I could leave. Apparently DOL can do little for me at this point.