oh alton

Recently, I’ve been all about the smoothie and consume them for breakfast daily. It’s gotten a little stale lately, so this is just the inspiration I needed.


things i want to buy now that i have a job

I’ve been angsting for these knock off French stools for over a month. They’re finally on their way to my house.

brought to you by the letter a

In the preceding weeks and months I’ve found my time and thoughts consumed with beige–and its application to my basement. My mind wandered with thoughts of clean, cobweb-free walls and a rich, glossy chocolate brown floor. Visions of a workbench and neatly hung tools danced in my head.

Our basement as a whole is a bit nasty. No one has loved it in years, if ever. But it’s such a wonderful space and I can’t say no to potential.

(But before I proceed, I must give credit where due, and say all this day dreaming was inspired by John and Sherry over at younghouselove.com. While perusing their blog I discovered they too had an unusable basement  space that needed some tender care, and they chronicled how they went to work to correct it. It made my little diy heart go pitter-patter.)

Vacuuming commenced immediately. I spent days, which turned to weeks, vacuuming the basement walls, ceiling and floor. I became one with my respirator and my daytime TV watching suffered. But in time that magic moment arrived and I trooped into Lowe’s for a five gallon bucket of beige tinted Drylok.

I spent eight hours with my four inch paint brush carefully coating half my basement with a thick, glooey like coating of the beige wonder. Sunday I armed myself with a 3/4″ nap paint roller and applied the second coat, covering my left side in Drylok in the process.

Another three days of touching up and cutting in and I can now declare a little over half the basement walls are done.

Next I begin researching floor paint. And finishing the rest of the basement.

num num num

Need I say more?

enchanted forest

Perusing my daily Apartment Therapy email I discovered The Company Store is having a big bedding sale. Since sharing is caring, here ya go.

I was particularly taken with the Enchanted Forest bedding, but Dave hates the earth is tired of me changing the bedding so I must pass this go-round.


just desserts

It’s no secret that one of the very best  luxuries of the  holiday season  is food. But more specifically, I’m interested in dessert. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like perfectly creamy mashed potatoes or a deliciously warm roll smothered in salted butter. But the heart of the season can be found in the cozy flavors of pumpkin or apple made cordial with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

Most Americans slap some canned pumpkin in a pre-made pie crust and call it dessert and to this I say shame on you. A delicious confection doesn’t require hours of hard labor and innate skill. Instead, I suggest a little research and a consideration of what may exist outside that store bought pie box.

Consider the classics and step them up a notch, or take the flavors of a season and present them in another form. In my house apple pie–a holiday staple–is presented as apple buttermilk custard pie with a crumb topping. Pumpkin is a favorite flavor and I hoard cans of the stuff. However, a plain pumpkin pie has never held favor in my kitchen. Instead, a pumpkin ricotta crostata makes a regular seasonal appearance.

While technically a science, think of baking as a means to provide those you love with the ultimate indulgence. And allow yourself an opportunity to revel in the silence that accompanies a sweet delight.

boredom begun

I’ve been unemployed for three months now, and I’m sad to say, I believe the boredom has begun to set in. Today I managed to do one load of laundry, 40 minutes of cardio and read for about four hours.

As a preventative measure leading up to this I made lists of things to do and ideas of how to pass my time. Unfortunately, my list has dwindled and I’m idling away my time reading classic literature and watching six hours of Roseanne in a sitting. While this isn’t a bad way to pass time–in my opinion–I’m afraid that once employed I’ll look back and regret not visiting museums, doing more work on the house, sewing or learning more about the field of marketing.

Today I’m simply resolved to finish Little Women and shower on a daily basis. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll pursue my sewing patterns and vacuuming the basement.